Most businesses confuse people with marketing that’s not clear.

This is where you write about the external and internal problem you solve.

We create clear marketing copy and effective websites that turn browsers into buyers so that businesses can watch their revenue grow. 

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How A Clear Message Grows Your Business

Compel People To Take Action
Get the words and images that connect and convert browsers to buyers.
Attract New Leads
You deserve the right people coming to you, excited to hire you.
Love Your Marketing Again
It's amazing the difference it makes when you're excited about what your marketing is doing for you.
Gunnar Rogers understands how copywriting can feel time-consuming and stressful.

Gunnar enjoys serving business leaders and churches all over North America with the copywriting they need to reach their marketing goals. If you're struggling to get new leads or make dynamic connections with your ideal client, Gunnar would like to help you.

He can help you create a clear message and get the words you need for your website, lead generator, email campaign or a video.

Whatever you need to reach your goals, Gunnar is there for you.

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Your Business Should Have A StoryBrand Guide

Bear Minimum Marketing is led by Gunnar Rogers, a Certified StoryBrand Guide.

The StoryBrand framework is currently helping companies all over the world multiply their revenue. Gunnar helps you utilize this powerful, disrupting force on your business as well.

When you work with Bear Minimum, you get your very own StoryBrand Certified Guide working on all your marketing resources. This is the kind of partnership that will get you excited about the power of marketing again.

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Growing Brands We Have Worked With

"Gunnar was incredibly easy to work with.

The things I value most in a contractor are communication, efficiency, and problem solving. He excels in all three. When I bring someone on to help increase the bottom line of our business, I hope that they can run with a vision where I have come up short, and Gunnar did just that. I highly recommend him." -

-Cooper Marsh, Lab MGMT

"Gunnar initially reached out to me via Instagram to applaud me on the launch of my company.

He provided constructive feedback to help improve the buy rate of my site (with no intention to sell his services). After he provided his ideas and examples to help me understand what he was proposing, I decided to hire him and he followed through on all of his ideas that week. It was awesome to see it come to life quickly, and for him to solve a problem I didn't even know existed."

-Josh Bridges, Good Dudes Coffee

Here's How To Work With Us

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We listen to your story, assess your company's needs, and discuss your goals.
Create Clear Marketing Resources That Really Work
You get a clear message and resources you can use all over the web.
Get The Results You Deserve
Clear communication works. You will watch your revenue grow faster than you ever thought possible.

Stop Wasting Your Time and Money on Marketing that Doesn't Work

Here Is Where You Draw From The Failure Bucket

It's time to get the clarity you need to see the success you deserve. 

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